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⁣PleaseGiveHelp is a donation-based platform. Nonprofits and individuals can use the platform to raise funds for community or personal causes. You can share your fundraiser with your own network on social media as a way to amplify awareness and encourage more donations. You may raise funds for everything from medical expenses, school, college, university fees, an unexpected financial crisis, or for local projects like a community garden or new park. It is FREE to create an account.


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Thank you for your great generosity! We, at PleaseGiveHelp greatly appreciate your support, and your sacrifice. The generous support of individuals like you makes the world a better place.
Sometimes, giving can be a hassle to manage. Whether it is knowing how much to give and who to give to. But it doesn’t Have to be that way.

We make it easy to ask! We make it easy to give!

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⁣This crowdfunding course with over 10,000 students, covers the foundation and advanced hacks to pull of a six figure crowdfunding raise.

⁣The course covers the foundation and advanced hacks to pull off a six figure crowdfunding raise.
All crowdfunding lessons are taught via screen share and video. You are literally shown all the tools used, including templates and scripts, and a goldmine of crowdfunding secrets is revvealed.

You can rip through the crowdfunding course in a day if you watch it end to end but works better doing it over the course of 3 days to give the crowdfunding material time to digest.

This crowdfunding course can be broken down to 3 main objectives.
👁Research and Prelaunch
👁Building phase of pulling together content and creating digital assets
👁Launch-game time baby!

You should take this ⁣ if you don't want to waste weeks of your life trying to figure out what works.

Happy Crowdfunding!