10 Simple Exercises to Lose Love Handles (At-Home)

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These are 10 At Home exercises that'll help you lose your love handles by speeding up your heart rate and burning more overall calories. The fastest way to lose love handles is by reducing your caloric intake and increasing the number of calories you burn every day, week, and month. Learn how to get rid of that muffin top today without any gym equipment.

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Having too much fat around your love handles can give you a muffin top, or pear-shaped appearance. And unfortunately, for most people love handles are really hard to get rid of especially because most people try to get rid of them by doing ab and oblique exercises. That won't work because it's almost impossible to specifically target your love handles for fat loss, and to make matters worse the love handle and belly fat area is usually burnt off last after you have already trimmed down the fat from other areas like your face, arms, and legs. So the only way to reduce your love handles is primarily by reducing the number of calories that you eat and the second thing is to burn more calories throughout the week. That's why today I want to go over a bodyweight workout that you can do at home with no equipment to burn a ton of extra calories and reduce stubborn body fat. 

I'm going to explain exactly how many sets and reps you'll do at the end but first I want you to understand how properly do each exercise, so we're starting this workout with frog jumps. Plyometric exercises in general are really good at getting your heart rate up and burning a lot of calories. And frog jumps are pretty straightforward. You would start by performing a squat and taping both hands on the floor. Once you tap the floor explode up and jump a few feet forward. When you land, land with your knees bent and go right into the next squat. So squat down tap the ground again, and this time you're going to explode up and jump backward instead of forwards. As soon as you land go right into your next squat and repeat that cycle jumping back and forth on each rep. 
Next, you're going to let your lower body recover, so you're going to do a round of mountain climbers with pushups. So the way that I want you to do this is by first getting down on all fours, then getting into a pushup position, with your hips slightly elevated. From there you're going to perform mountain climbers by bringing one knee up towards your chest and tapping the ground with your toes, as you switch from side to side. You're going to do a total of 4 mountain climbers, counting one every time one of your knees comes up towards your chest. Then you're going to perform 2 pushups and go right back into the 4 mountain climbers. Keep repeating that same cycle for reps. 

After that, you're going to move on to lateral speed lunges. Now, normally when we do lateral lunges we step out to the side, perform the lunge, and then step back in before stepping out again and repeating for reps. But with these speed lunges, I want you to begin by taking a really wide stance. Make sure that both of your feet are pointing forward. It's a common mistake to lunge to the side and point your foot to the same side that you're lunging towards. But doing this can easily lead to an injury so keep your foot pointed forward. As you shift your weight and lunge towards one side. When you do this you want to bend your knee while keeping it over the line of the middle of your foot. If you're not used to doing lateral lunges it may help you to think of it more like a single leg squat with your other leg there for support. This will help you avoid driving your knee past your toes, or too far to the side. After you complete the rep on one side just push off, stand back up in the center, and switch over to the other side. Alternate back and forth for reps.  

Next is one that I'm sure many of you are familiar with burpees, but we're going to combine them with high knees to get the heart racing even faster. For those of you that don't know, burpees are considered one of the best and most simple bodyweight exercises that you can do to burn fat, and high knees are also very effective at burning calories. So start by standing up straight and then bend down and plant your hands on the ground. From there jump your feet out into a pushup position. Then perform a pushup. Once that's done hop your feet forward towards the area in between your hands, stand up, and jump up with your hands over your head. then you're going to perform 4 high knees, aiming to bring your knees up to at least waist level. And from there you'll go right back into your next burpee. Repeat this cycle until the round is over. 

And then you'll be moving on to sit-throughs. Now this exercise can be adjusted so that it's easier for beginners, and I'll go over that regressions, but most people can do regular sit-throughs after they take a little time to learn the proper form...

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