10 Things You Should NEVER Do At The Gym

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These are 10 major gym mistakes that you want to avoid. Don't become one of the common gym stereotypes that make everyone uncomfortable. Learn to avoid the typical muscle-building and fat loss mistakes. Avoid the workout and gym exercise mistakes that are slowing down your progress.

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Whether it's to prevent an injury or to prevent awkward stairs there are certain things that you definitely don't want to do at the gym over the years of working at gyms end opening my own gyms I've spent countless hours on the exercise floor and I've had the opportunity to see all kinds of things. So today I want to go over 10 things you should never do at the gym

And the very first gym foul is leaving the equipment without wiping, especially if you're sweaty. I've seen some pretty disgusting things left on benches, mats, and machines that nobody should have to clean up except the person that left it there. Now, personally, I'm not the biggest germaphobe but studies show us that some pieces of gym equipment routinely have more species of bacteria on them than toilet handles do (*). So even if you have a great immune system, others at the gym might not, and especially with everything going on it's a good idea to wipe down your equipment when you're done using it. This is really easy to do as most gyms nowadays have complimentary sanitizing spray and paper towels that you can use to clean up after yourself. You should leave the equipment that you use in a condition that you wouldn't mind finding it. And almost everyone I know would mind sweat stains all over the equipment so make sure you wipe down after yourself.

Let's move on to Ego Lifting. This is common, specifically for young people, and beginners because many times they feel like they have to prove themselves. especially if they're lifting with friends. So they assume that lifting a lot of weight will impress others. But guess what: nobody cares. Almost everyone is too busy minding their own business working on their own fitness goals. And when you lift a weight that's just too heavy for you to use with good form or a full range of motion, well the benefits of that exercise quickly diminish. Performing quarter reps, bouncing the bar off your chest, or rounding your back are all ways to end up with an injury rather than seeing continuous progress. And don't get me wrong I'm all for lifting heavyweight. I'm a big believer that you have to push yourself, and research shows us that we need progressive overload to build more muscle and strength from our workouts. But if your form starts to become compromised or you start excessively cheating to complete your reps you need to lower the weight to a weight that's still challenging but allows you to perform the exercise correctly. Then work up from there. As a general tip if you're a beginner or even intermediate, and you're not training to be a powerlifter, there's pretty much no reason for you to be doing 1 rep max outs or even aiming for 2 reps. These lower rep ranges are usually the ones that lead to ego lifting, and even for advanced experienced lifters really low rep ranges carry a higher risk of injury especially if something goes wrong with your form

Next, I want to talk about grunting, which actually believe it or not might help improve your workout. We have a study that shows that vocalized exhalation or in other words grunting was able to increase grip strength by 25 percent as opposed to passive breathing. (30) Now just because your grip strength increases it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be able to lift more weight or lift a weight for more reps. However, I'm sure grunting does help some people, whether it's a physical or psychological boost. This is why grunting should at least be allowed in all gyms, but... please don't be that guy that grunts super loud on every single rep for every single exercise because even though they probably won't say anything everyone will find it extremely annoying and distracting. And some of the grunting noises that I've heard over the years sound plain weird. I think it’s totally fine to grunt a bit when you're truly struggling maybe on your last rep or two of each set, but some people grunt on every rep, even when doing exercises like curls or lateral raises, which makes absolutely no sense and it looks and sounds weird.

Moving on something else that you should never do is forget to wear deodorant or forget to shower regularly. Seriously hygiene, in general, is a huge issue for some people at the gym. And it's a very easily solvable issue with a shower some soap and some deodorant. I used to know one guy that would come to the gym, and you could literally smell that he was there without even seeing him. Mind you this gym was 30 to 40,000 square feet in size, and he had the remarkable gift of being able to stink the entire place up, from corner to corner, to the point...

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