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19 Foods That'll NEVER Make You Fat

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These are 19 of the best foods and snacks that you can eat to avoid fat gain and to lose weight. If you're looking for foods to help you burn belly fat faster this list is very helpful. Start burning stubborn fat faster than ever with this low-carb low-calorie food list.

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It's easy to gain fat when you eat foods that are greasy, high in sugar, or loaded with empty calories. On the other hand, it's hard to not lose fat if you use certain foods that are very filling, high in protein, and low in calories. These foods will naturally reduce hunger, they'll help you burn fat, and they'll open up plenty of space in your diet for cheat meals.

And for the first food that's almost impossible to gain fat from we have eggs. And the reason why I say "almost" impossible is because if you eat too much of almost any food you can of course gain body fat. But eggs and other foods that I'm going to go over are very difficult, to overeat. This is because eggs are very high in protein. And the protein from eggs is not only very filling but digesting protein ramps up your metabolism thanks to something known as the thermic effect of foods. So you don't fully absorb all the calories from the eggs because a large portion is burnt off during the digestion process. So regular eggs, even if you eat them with the yolks are very unlikely to lead to fat gain. Of course, if you make an omelet and add whole milk with some sugar and some cheese then it's a completely different story, but eggs themselves are one of the greatest protein sources that you can use to fill your stomach, build muscle, and burn fat without much effort.

Another great food wild-caught salmon. And it's important that you're specifically looking for wild-caught rather than farm-raised. This is because farm-raised salmon contains significantly more fat than wild-caught salmon. And this fat is made up of a higher ratio of omega 6's which most people already get too much of in theirs. When looking at wild-caught salmon and farm-raised salmon side by side you can immediately tell the difference in the number of calories and fat. The farm-raised salmon will have much thicker white lines which are actually streaks of fat. So wild-caught salmon is great because it's high in protein, very filling, and it has half the fat content that farm-raised salmon does.

Next, we have celery. Celery is one of the lowest-calorie foods out there as it's made up of 95 percent water. It's going to be almost impossible to eat enough celery to add any sort of major impact to your daily calorie totals. Celery is very filling, it's packed with nutrients like potassium, calcium, and many antioxidants. it also can be eaten with low-calorie dips like salsa.

Which is actually the next food on our list. Obviously adding flavor to your meals is important especially if you want to enjoy what you're eating. And salsa is one of the lowest-calorie dips available. For example, if we look at a regular-sized container of Tostitos chunky salsa, we see that there's only a total of 130 calories in the whole thing. And chances are very high if you're dipping a filling vegetable like celery or peppers into the salsa, you're not even going to eat close to half the bottle. So that makes salsa one of the best dips for fat loss

The only dip or sauce that's much better is hot sauce. Hot sauce basically contains no calories at all. It even says 0 calories right on the label. And if you like hot sauce it goes great with high protein foods like chicken, tuna, and eggs. And actually hot sauce can go good with foods like celery as well. On top of that capsaicin, is the active ingredient found in the chilies that end up creating the hot sauce. The great thing about capsaicin is that it can slightly speed up your metabolism, helping you burn calories even faster.

Next, we have one of the lowest-calorie vegetables spinach. One cup of spinach contains only seven calories. Out of those calories, a good amount of them come from insoluble fiber. Which will help fill you up for virtually no calories. Spinach also provides you with important nutrients like calcium magnesium potassium and vitamin A. That's why if you enjoy eating salads I recommend replacing the lettuce with spinach since the spinach contains significantly more nutrients than the lettuce. Also since spinach is so low in calories it can be used to make a very filling smoothie that should be made up mostly of spinach in combination with a small amount of fruit and Stevia for taste

Another food that's very likely to lead to weight loss is soup. The reason for this is that soup is very filling most likely because it's made up of at least 90% water. Of course, there are different soups with different calorie counts however if the majority of your soup is made up of healthy vegetables and protein then you'll be in great shape...

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