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Estate Plan / Will for Online Accounts and Digital Assets

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Industry’s first, all-in-one “Estate Planning & Disbursement Platform” for online accounts and digital assets and Your Personal Cloud Locker. Organize your accounts, files securely. Identify your beneficiarie and Pass-on them to your heirs hassle-free.

Do you have any idea what happens if you don’t have an authorized legacy plan Estate Plan for your online accounts and digital assets? Your family would go through the agony of sifting through your office, mail, and computer to access your online accounts if a tragic event occurs. Save them from that distress with Clocr.

Enable your loved ones to have access to your digital assets legally.

Clocr, short for Cloud Locker, is the industry’s first all-in-one “Estate Planning & Disbursement Platform” for digital assets. Clocr empowers you to efficiently organize your digital assets and files, identify your heirs, and allow them to access what is needed in case of an emergency and death. It's proprietary, patent-pending, multi-layered security protocol encrypts and 'shreds' files with the shards stored on multiple distributed cloud servers. It works well with the Digital Vault.

An enterprise-grade, ultra-secure digital safety deposit box for your most important files and sensitive documents. Efficiently organize, manage, and safely share any stored item with family, friends, or business partners.

• Customizable onboarding creates over 150 of the most used online accounts
• Easily track, organize & update all your accounts and beneficiaries
• Alerts you if your estate becomes incomplete, or if your beneficiaries deny your request or if any of your beneficiary’s account is disbursed due to incapacity or death
• Unique feature – ‘Shared with me’ allows you to track who has assigned you as their beneficiary
• 360-degree reporting & auditing, blockchain ready

Clocr, your personal digital vault, is built on a unique, proprietary and patent-pending security platform that uses Interplanetary file system (IPFS) and blockchain concepts that provides additional layers of protection.

We digitally shred the files, encrypt the fragments and spread them across different cloud storage locations. Even if someone hacks into a single storage location, they will not be able to view the file.

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