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START WITH NO MONEY- MAKE $500 (R9000??/??/??/??/??/??/??/??...)working from home

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In this video, I share with you the best side hustles you can start with no capital, working from home. Some of these sides can allow you to make $500 (R9000🇿🇦) per gig or more. Even though capital is not needed, once you start making money, it's always best to invest back into the business to scale.

**Watch in 1080p for better quality, and turn on captions for a better watching experience.**
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I'm a qualified engineer👩‍💻 from South Africa. Part-time, I share how you can make money online. I have been working online for 4yrs+. When I was a student abroad, I wanted to be able to make some money for additional needs and personal investments. That's how I found a new world of online jobs, and I have never looked back since. Even now, as a professional, I still do online jobs/gigs for extra money. Whether you're unemployed or employed but want multiple income streams, this channel is for you. Every week, I post proof of payments screenshots sent by subscribers (see my community tab) who have made some money from the opportunities I share, and some have gotten permanent jobs. This is to encourage everyone to keep going. Jobs on this channel are well-researched and/or tested. Always do your extra research on the platforms I share. Never send anyone money or pay for a job, not even a company.

This channel is my side passion project, my way of giving back and making a difference. Changing one life at a time, using the internet to encourage multiple income streams, help reduce poverty, educate, and entertain. One day, towards the end of my life, I wanna be able to look back and say...I did something for YOU. Not just my family or my loved ones but people around the globe.

No matter where you are from, your skin color, social class, know that you're welcome here. Enjoy the content❤.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a financial advisor.

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INSTAGRAM: Tsopo_gumede - https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ....oICJ0nNgd/?igshid=12 EMAIL for BUSINESS ONLY: gumedetsopo@gmail.com
NB: I WILL NOT CHECK OR RESPOND TO PERSONAL EMAILS. If u have questions, ask under this video or dm on Instagram.

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Best side jobs you can do

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